Curriculum vitae

Dr. Javier Máiz, La Coruña 1955

Dr Máiz's present
professional charges

Head of the Otorhinolaringology and Head and Neck Surgery Service of Hospital Universitario Mutua de Terrassa.

Head of Otorhinolaryngology department Hospital Sant Joan de Deu de Martorell.

Director of the Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery Unit of Hospital Universitario Mutua de Terrassa.

Member of the Body of Experts of Centro Médico Teknon.


Dr Javier Máiz (La Coruña, 1955) graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Santiago de Compostela in 1978. Utill 1982, when he started his specialization via MIR (Médico Interno y Residente; medical school graduate resident member of the medical staff of a hospital, serving under supervision) at Hospital de Bellvitge, he worked at the Plastic Surgery and Obstetrics Service of Hospital Universitario de Santiago, at the Paediatrics Service of Hospital Juan Canalejo of La Coruña and exercised as rural doctor in Corcubión (La Coruña).

He finished his specialization in 1986 and since then he has exercised his speciality at various hospitals of the public network of Girona, Alicante and Barcelona. Since 1990 he works at the Hospital Universitario Mutua of Terrasa, where he has been Head of Department since 1995. Since 2014 he’s head of otorhinolaryngology department in Hospital Sant Joan de Deu Martorell.

He has a private practice since 1992 in Teknon Medical Center.

Apart from the numerous courses and international congresses in which he has participated, Dr Máiz gives special importance to his stays in Milan (1992) with Professor Molinari at the Instituto per la Cura e lo Studio deu Tumori, and in Göttingen (Germany, 2006) with Professor Wolfgang Stainer. He got from them the understanding of the complex approach of head and neck tumours, specially from the latter, and the courage to approach them with endo-oral laser microsurgery.

This kind of surgery allows extirpating mouth, pharynx and larynx tumours in a secure way, without leaving external scars, without having to cut the jaw or extracting the larynx and producing little harm to healthy tissues. Thus, after-effects that difficult speaking or eating are majorly avoided. In most of the cases tracheotomy is also avoided, and both the stay in the hospital and the recovery period are shorter.

In the area of Facial Plastic Surgery, it is remarkable his stay in Porto Alegre (Brasil, 2009) with Dr Julio Stédile, renowned otorhinolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon, with whom he learnt innovative techniques such as repairing septum perforations with rhinoplasty techniques, the technique of otoplasty without stitches or the upper lip enlargement surgery technique, and also perfected rhinoplasty and mentoplasty techniques.

Expert DaVinci 2012 robotic surgery, to treat tongue base tumors, amygdala and in the treatment of sleep apnea.