Closing perforated septum

Thus surgical procedure has always been a problem to specialists from all the world.

Dr. Máiz uses a technique he learnt from Dr Julio Stédile (Brazil), one of the most important authorities of this field.

This technique allows closing perforations up to 3cm of diameter with results close to 100%.

What causes it?

In most cases perforation of the septum is an after-effect of a previous nasal surgery, including hypophysis surgery performed through the nose.

Other causes may be accidents, cocaine use, clogging caused by nasal bleeding, etc.

Which are its symptoms?

Septum perforation symptoms are frequent nose bleeding, nasal congestion, noisy breathing, foul-smelling scabbing and mucus secretion. When the perforation is bigger than 1cm, the structures that support the nose weaken, which triggers aesthetic alterations of the nose.

How is it corrected?

Dr Stédile method consists in peeling off and rotating the mucosa of the entire nose region to the lateral walls to facilitate closing the perforation, and placing a temporalis fascia graft filled with ear cartilage.

In most cases it is also necessary to perform aesthetic corrections (rhinoplasty).

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